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Cynergy3 ILLS Submersible Level Transmitter Series

The ILLS series of submersible tank gauging level transmitters from Cynergy3 utilises piezo-resistive silicon sensing technology to achieve better level of control and measurements for small tanks (1m to 10m high), while ensuring excellent stability, repeatability and resolution. The probe is isolated by a stainless steel diaphragm as well as steel housing, designed for continuous submersion in liquids. This level transmitter offers accuracy below 0.5% of the full scale BFSL, with each device being temperature compensated, calibrated and fully traceable.

  • Submersible tank gauging level transmitter
  • Piezo-resistive sensor
  • Stainless steel diaphragm and housing ideal for continuous submersion in water, oils and fuels
  • Accuracy <0.5% of the full scale (BFSL)
  • Operating temperature range (media temperature) of -20°C to 60°C
  • Excellent operational life at over 100x106 cycles
  • Ideal for use in small tanks where conventional mechanical switches are not ideal

The ILLS series of level transmitters is available in several output, pressure range and cable length options. Further customisation is available on this product - speak to our technical sales team to discuss your requirement.

Typical applications for the Cynergy3 ILLS level transmitter series include:

  • Static tank level
  • Container or chamber level
  • Vehicle tank level
  • IBC , IBC Tote or Pallet Tank
  • Rainwater harvesting

The below table gives the full specifications for each resistor model available including the Cynergy3 ILLS series:

Cynergy3 ILLS series specifications

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