Weidmüller LUFS 10.00/180V Series

Weidmüller LUFS 10.00/180V Series

The LUFS 10.00/180V PCB terminal series from Weidmüller's Omnimate power range, offers a spring connection with direct push in technology. Designed with a conductor outlet direction of 180° and a choice from 2 up to 12 poles and a 10mm pitch. The LUFS 10.00/180V series from Weidmüller have a fully automatic assembly using wave soldering (THT) and can be used with or without ferrules, with an operating temperature range of −40°C to +120°C .

  • PCB terminal connector
  • Through-hole technology with wave soldering
  • Number of poles available from 2 to 12
  • Solder pin length of 5mm
  • Pitch of 10mm
  • Conductor outlet direction of 180°
  • Push in technology
  • Integrated test point for PS2.0 test plug
  • Wire connection cross section from AWG 18 to AWG 4
  • CSA and UL 1059 approved, IEC listed
  • Dimmensions for L1 from 10mm to 110mm depending on the number of poles required
  • Rated current for minimum number of poles 76A (IEC) and 57A (UL)
  • Black in colour (additional colours available on request)
  • Packaged in box
  • Operating temperature range −40°C to +120°C

The Sturdy, direct connection for extreme current and voltage requirements in all power electronics applications for the LUFS 10.00/180V series include:

  • Solar inverters
  • Frequency converters
  • Servo-controllers
  • Power supplies

The below table gives the specifications of the Weidmüller LUF 10.00/180V PCB terminal series:

Weidmüller LUFS 10.00/180V Specifications Please see the relevant datasheet in the technical library for the exact specification
Additional Features
  • PCB terminal connector
  • Rated current for minimum number of poles 76A (IEC) and 57A (UL)
  • Dimensions of L1 10mm to 110mm (depending on the number of poles required)
  • THT solder connection with a solder pin length of 5mm
  • Wire connection cross section from AWG 18 to AWG 4
  • Operating temperature range of −40°C to +120°C
  • CSA and UL 1059 approved, IEC listed
Colour Black
Conductor Outlet Direction 180°
Connection Type Push in
Number of Poles 2 to 12
Package/Size Through-hole
Pitch 10mm

This product is available fully compliant to the RoHS EU directive 2011/65/EU.

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