Here at Rhopoint Nordic we offer a range of high quality variable standard resistors for calibration and measurement use. Manufactured by one of the industry leaders on the precision resistor market - Alpha Electronics, our variable standard resistors are available in several configurations and second-to-none stability and reliability. Browse our range below.

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Alpha ADR 1-Dial Series

The ADR 1-dial resistance box series from Alpha Electronics offers a range of standard resistors which are ideally suited for repetitive daily work. The single dial system means the resistance is easily switched from one value to another. This greatly improves work efficiency and helps to avoid mistakes, which may happen when using a 6-dial decade standard resistor. They are ideally suited for RTD simulation for platinum (Pt) related products and conductive meters.

  • Fully customisable 1-dial resistance box (up to 24 resistance values)
  • Up to 5-digit resistance values on switching contacts may be specified
  • Resistance values available from 1Ω up to 1MΩ
  • Improved work efficiency and elimination of careless mistakes
  • Lightweight, compact size
  • High precision
  • High stability

The resistance elements utilise Bulk Metal® Foil technology and the connections to the rotary switch are made by using 4-terminal junctions. This ensures that high precision, high stability and low temperature coefficients are achieved.

The ADR-1xxx 1-Dial resistance box is fully customisable. Up to 24 different resistance values can be set into the box.

The ADR-1xxx series has a weight of approximately 1kg and dimensions of 100mm x 150mm x 80mm.

The below table gives the full specifications available for the Alpha ADR 1-dial resistance box series:

Alpha ADR 1-Dial Specifications

Tolerance and temperature coefficient varies with resistance values.

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Alpha ADR 6-Dial Series

The ADR 6-dial decade resistance box series from Alpha Electronics, with 6½ digit readings, features ultra precision resistors, low contact resistance rotary switches, low thermal EMF output terminals and the double shielded construction. There are 5 models of the ADR 6-dial decade resistance box available, each offering different resistance ranges starting from 0.1Ω minimum to 1.111210KΩ maximum up to 10Ω minimum to 11.11110MΩ maximum.

  • 6-Dial decade resistance box
  • Accuracy down to ≤0.005% +2mΩ for some models
  • Temperature coefficient of resistance ≤5ppm /°C
  • Long-term stability in resistance ≤50ppm/year (storage life)
  • Low contact resistance switch and three clip-typed contacts in parallel
  • Low thermal EMF terminal
  • Double electrical shielding protective against noise
  • Maximum power rating of 0.5W

All resistors used in this Decade Resistance Box are from the ultra precision Bulk Metal® Foil resistors manufactured by Alpha Electronics, assuring high stability over time and environment change.

The rotary switches have very low contact resistance which is achieved by connecting three clip-type contacts in parallel. This method also ensures a higher mechanical reliability. Low thermal EMF output terminals use a low thermal resistance rectangular wire circuit configuration. A double shielded construction inhibits interference of environmental noise.

The ADR 6-dial resistance box series has a weight of approximately 4.5kg and dimensions of 430mm x 140mm x 99mm.

The below table gives the full specifications for each model available of the Alpha ADR 6-dial decade resistance box series:

Alpha ADR 6-Dial Specifications

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Alpha ATS Series

The ATS series from Alpha Electronics is a resistance transfer standard used to calibrate working standard resistors by using a primary resistor. The ATS series consists of 10 high precision resistors of the same nominal value (R) which are connected in series known as Haymon bridge construction. The ATS unit can be used as a standard resistor due to the low temperature coefficient and high stability features of Alpha Electronics Bulk Metal® foil technology, ensuring very tight matching accuracy.

  • Resistance transfer standard for calibrating standard resistors
  • Uses Bulk Metal® Foil as a resistive element
  • Usable in air without the need of an oil bath due to its superior temperature coefficient
  • Very tight matching accuracy
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Power rating of 0.01W per resistor element, 0.1W per unit
  • Working temperature range of +23°C ±10°C
An extremely high precision resistance ratio of 1:100 maximum is obtained by using either the ATS-LC lead compensator or the ATS-SC shorting bar. These configurations consist of:
  • connecting the 10 resistors in parallel (1/10*R)
  • connecting the 10 resistors in series (10*R)

The ATS-LC lead compensator and the ATS-SC shorting bar are available as additional options.

The ATS series has a weight of approximately 3kg and dimensions of 180mm x 70mm x 332mm.

The below table gives the full specifications for each model available of the Alpha ATS series:

Alpha ATS Specifications

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